Common Plubing Problems

5 Common Plumbing Problems In Los Angeles
There are many plumbing problems that are common in today's modern household. If you are having a plumbing issue feel free to call Pritz Plumbing the premier plumbing company in Los Angeles we have the knowledge and experience to handle all plumbing problems affordably and efficiently.
Common Plumbing Problems:
1— Leaky Faucet
Is one of your faucets constantly dripping? When your faucet is in the off position does the dripping stop? If not, you definitely have a leaky faucet, which is a very common plumbing problem in most homes in the Los Angeles area.
Don’t ignore a leaky faucet for too long, as the excess water can cause water damage, mold, and can cause your water bill to skyrocket. The main cause of a  leaky faucets, is often a worn out washer that is inside of the knob to your sink, tub, or shower valce. Call us and we will check to see if the washers in your home are worn out and if they need to be replaced.

2 — Clogged Drains
Your bathtub may not be draining after you take a bath or you sink may have standing water after you wash the dishes, Or is your bathroom sink clogged after you or your husband shave? Or maybe it is your shower that seems to be taking a very long time to drain and has you standing in dirt water. If  this is the case, you have a common plumbing problem… known as a clogged drain.
Drains are often susceptible to a large amount of wear and tear as they are used every single day. Big and small items that go down the drain often get stuck, hindering the water from leaving your home thus causing a clog. The great news is that all clogged drains can be cleared when you call for professional help. Pritz Plumbing has unclogged many, many drains in homes throughout all of Los Angeles County.
3 — Running Toilet
 A running toilet is yet another common plumbing problem. Usually, toilets run when the valve inside the tank is allowing water flow from the tank to the bowl of the toilet, thus causing the toilet to keep running. We suggest you turn the water off by turning the knob at the back of the toilet and call a professional plumber. Letting the toilet keep running can drastically increase your water bill.
4 — Low Water Pressure
There is nothing worse than trying to take a shower with little to no water pressure. Having Low/no water pressure in your shower/bath or sink is another common plumbing problem.
The most common cause of low water pressure is a lime scale buildup which is prevent the as much water to flow threw your showerhead.
5 — Clogged Toilet
A toilet will often get clogged if something large was flushed down the toilet, or if there is a buildup of waste. This is one of the worse plumbing problems to encounter. Sometimes you can fix it on your own with a plunger but often you will need to call a plumber in Los Angeles to fix this issue for you.
If you are experiencing one of these common plumbing problems and you are in need of home assistance please give Pritz Plumbing a call we are a full service plumbing company. We are open 24 hours a day 7 days a week and we can fix any plumbing problem that you may be having . We will have your plumbing working as good as new in a jiff!